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Latest Satellite System To Give Better Hurricane Forecast

A new weather satellite system is ready to be launched into space. It may happen by Monday night. This new system will enable more reliable results for predicting deadly storms and hurricanes. COSMIC 2, is a 6 sat system, which is a joint mission by Taiwan, US Air Force & NOAA. Elsayed Tallat of NOAA stated that the satellites would provide better measurements in subtropics and tropical regions where tropical storms and hurricanes form. The system will orbit the Earth near the tropics. It will also collect information, helping meteorologists research, observe and forecast destructive storms, hurricanes and typhoons.

This new system comes just as hurricanes are getting more destructive in the last few years. Coastal regions are not the only ones affected. When flooding factors are accounted for, it is much worse. Research conducted earlier showed the impact of hurricane’s hitting Tidewater area in Virginia. This shows how much preparation is needed to overcome such situations. COSMIC 2 is expected to help this out by the collection of data and info from tropical regions.

Tropical storms and hurricanes form in this region, said Talaat. They usually are formed in tropical regions and display their powers in mid-latitude regions. Therefore, it was vital that hi-res data be available for scientists to analyze. COSMIC2 has another function as well. Via measurement of electron concentration in upper atmosphere regions, Talaat stated that scientists could one day predict any major space weather issues that have the potential to disrupt navigation and communication systems and which can also have adverse consequences for the Earth’s power grid.

If the weather conditions are as per plan, these new satellites are bound to be launched on Monday at around 11:30 in the evening. The launch will be via SpaceX rocket located near Cape Canaveral, which is in Florida. Each satellite that it carries resembles kitchen ovens in size. When it is deployed into the orbit, scientists can conduct about 7 months’ worth of preliminary testing before the satellite is brought to full power.

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