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EPA Punished Tesla For Infringing RCRA Regulations At Fremont Factory

In the Year 2017, the Environmental Protection Agency identified flammable paint and other hazardous solvent mixtures were accumulated in the factory of Tesla established in Fremont, which were stored for more than 90 Days without any legal permit. For this act, Tesla and the EPA are now reached to a settlement, under which the company (Tesla) has agreed to pay $31,000 as a penalty; and in the settlement, it will have to purchase emergency response equipment worth $55,000 for the Fremont Fire Department.

During November and December 2017, The EPA performed two unannounced inspections at Tesla’s Fremont factory with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) and the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), where they found multiple violations. The agency identified two 55-gallon containers filled with hazardous chemical waste that was kept bare without any gasket or locking system. Secondly, it identified leakage in three transmission lines through which the waste was expelled.

The agencies came across with multiple infringements based on the regulations mentioned in the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).

Tesla violated the RCRA regulations in three different means. The agency said that company was unable to comply with the air emission standards mentioned in the regulations, was not able to fulfill the management necessities for the hazardous wastes generators equipped in the production facility, and even failed to determine the amount of hazardous waste to be generated at the facility.

Tesla responded back by informing through an email to The Verge that it has concentrated and improved all those issues raised during the inspections.

However, it is a familiar situation for Tesla, as the EPA has already several times targeted the company for violating regulations. The company had paid $275,000 penalty for not obtaining the appropriate certification for the inventive Tesla Roadster. A fine of $139,500 was also paid by Tesla for the pollution released from its Fremont manufacturing facility.

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