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Jaguar Land Rover Lost Case Against Twisted Automotive

Jaguar Land Rover had a downside in trade disputes case with Twisted Automotive, a company specializing in customizing and upgrading Defender 4×4, based in Yorkshire. The automaker told the England and Wales Court of Appeal that Twisted making use of the name “LR Motors” for its North Yorkshire based showroom, in Thirsk, was very alike to the company’s usual abbreviation, JLR.

Twisted argued that the name “LR Motors” was recorded as a trademark in 2015, while the Jaguar Land Rover never made use of “LR” as the official trade name.

After the trial, Judge Rose wrote, “The undeniable proof is that the Jaguar Land Rover never used the” LR” initials as a signal for its products in this country. Jaguar stated at the hearing that it does not show the use of “LR” before the application for registration in support of its application.

Twisted was founded in 2001 as a commercial offering for Defender, Discovery and Range Rover. Soon after full-time implementation in 2008, the company chose to focus entirely on Defender, capitalize more after the end of SUV production in 2016.

Land Rover design director, Gerry McGovern, had already spoken openly about outsourced design and branding companies. He promised in 2017 to end his activities through Land Rover’s special vehicle operations.

“It’s easy to make a product that’s already been made and put on a little spoiler, but I’d love for them to design their own car, we see they take our property and make a little more profit,” McGovern told in an interview.

On the other side of the world, JLR owned by India-based auto giant, Tata Motors has been aggressively focusing on the electric mobility and all the developments associated with electrification. It has announced recently it has working to launch multiple electric cars in India.

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