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Combination Of Marijuana And Opioids May Be Helpful For People With Pain

The researchers reported that the combination of cannabinoids with morphine did not significantly boost impulsivity or memory impairment in a study performed with rhesus monkeys. The results suggest that the concomitant use of marijuana and opioids may be a safe way to lessen the dose of opioids in patients with pain and thereby reduce the risk of becoming opioid dependent.

“These data provide additional evidence to support the idea that mixtures of opioids and cannabinoids that are effective in treating pain do not have any adverse effects, or even less, in some cases, compared to higher doses of each drug alone,” said postdoctoral fellow at the University Of Texas Health Sciences Center in San Antonio Vanessa, Minervini.

Previous studies have suggested that cannabinoids in marijuana improve some of the analgesic effects of opioid medication, but do not augment the effects of overdosage and dependence. However, each of the two drugs is known to slightly alter cognition, raising fears that these side effects will be improved if opioids and marijuana are used together.

The research is part of a national opiate abuse crisis, in which many addictions begin with prescription opioids to relieve pain. At the same time, marijuana use is increasing as more and more states are legalizing the drug for medical or recreational purposes.

The researchers administered moderate doses of CP55940, an imitated drug that mimics the activity of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that is naturally present in marijuana and morphine. They evaluated memory and impulsivity with tests and treatments. The results showed that each drug impaired performance and both monkeys had a lesser effect on performance than either drug alone.

Although clinical trials are needed to test whether these results are valid for humans, monkeys tend to treat drugs in the same way as humans and are considered a good model for cognition.

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