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Commerce Department To Boost Global Competitiveness Of The US Space Industry

The Commerce Department wants to improve the position of the US space industry in an increasingly competitive market through a combination of regulatory and promotional reforms.

Wilbur Ross, Trade Minister gave a keynote address at the 35th Space Symposium on April 9 and said that the fundamental purpose of his department’s growing portfolio is to maintain US industry at the top in a market with more than a trillion dollars in 20 Years.

At the meeting of the National Space Council in Huntsville, Alabama on March 26, Ross announced that the Commerce Department would join the Department of Foreign Affairs in hosting a two-day event called the Business Summit in Washington to discuss the competitiveness of the space industry. This event, he said in his last speech, will examine some national and international regulatory issues that are crucial to the development of the industry.

Ross also announced that the US government pavilion, presented at the Paris Airshow in June, will host a meeting with the US aviation industry. The pavilion, traditionally focused on commercial aviation rather than space, celebrates the 50th anniversary of the landing of the Apollo 11 this year.

Ross had less to say about attempts to reform the rules of remote sensing. In his speech on the ministry’s work to shorten the license review deadlines, it contained a legislative proposal with license reform proposals, which, according to Commerce representatives, was about to undergo a comprehensive assessment by several leaders.

At the meeting, Ross said he was optimistic about the prospects that the ministry’s space agency would become a space agency currently headed by a deputy secretary. Last year, the Space Limitation Act contained a provision for the establishment of this office, but the bill gave up in the House. Several senators freshly reintroduced the bill with the same wording, which the Senate Commerce Committee reported.

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