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Wells Fargo Had A Good Quarter, But Investors Aren’t Impressed

One economic analyst said that it’s bad to see Wells Fargo’s bank without a legitimate leader as in the past three years; two of the CEO’s suddenly left.

Analysts said that the news in which it is mentioned that Wells Fargo has earned more than expectations and increased the profit of the financial sector for a short period of time because currently, the bank is under-stress.

On Friday, Wells Fargo bank reported about the earnings of a quarter of the year which is $1.20 per share, higher than the budget of the agreement. The expected revenue was of $21 billion but it reached to $21.6 billion.

Eric Crompton, the analyst of Morningstar said that earnings are good according to the quarter of the year but while looking at whole year’s earning; it will be tough to manage without guidance.

Equity Research’s managing director at Raymond James; David Long said that the fundamentals of the bank will be challenged by loans and by the reduction in deposit balances. He also mentioned about the income without interest and with low interests.

Long said that deposit balances were declined by the balances getting low interests and zero interest and the growth of loan was pressured from all parts.

From fake account case, Wells Fargo’s damage of discipline and reputation had started. Like all banks, Wells Fargo also had a risk of credit quality damage as this sector affects a huge part of the global economy.

Two weeks ago, the bank surprised the global market by making an announcement that following the departure of John Stumpf, Tim Sloan the CEO who was working there since 30 years is going to leave in July last. In the year 2016, he had also become the company’s chief executive.

Bank critic Elizabeth Warren said that Tim was involved in fake account case and even tried to escape from it so it’s good that he will no longer be a part of the organization even he must have been fired earlier.

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