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Better Than Expected Q1 Results Send JP Morgan Shares Soaring

JP Morgan Chase is undoubtedly one of the biggest investment companies in the world, though, in recent times it was undergoing some wobbly months due to the involvement of geopolitics. However, things seem to be back on track with the company recording a profit and revenue much more than what analysts expected as they were benefited by the rate hikes brought upon by the Federal Reserve.

Jamie Dimon, the Chief Executive Officer of JP Morgan, released a statement saying that the company recorded huge profits in the first quarter along with all their sectors and businesses and the constructive environment had a big role to play in it. He also remarked that though the US suffered from uncertainty due to geopolitical issues, they have been able to handle the issues competently, by keeping the employment and wages rate high, controlling inflation, keeping the market healthy and invigorating the confidence of the business makers.

JP Morgan Chase is considered as one of the biggest banks in the world on the basis of the assets they have and their report is the first of the kind by any lending company which has prompted investors to keep a hawk-eye on its proceedings. The result is also a little surprising because of the fact that most other banks did not perform well because the Federal Reserve paused the hiked rate for the remaining months of the year.

JP Morgan is known for exceeding the expectations of the analysts. The fourth quarter of last year was the first time it performed underwhelming in the past 15 quarters. The division of JP Morgan that is responsible for trading is not likely to help in any way as the equities as well as income sectors continuously suffered loss. Despite all the negativity, the bank continued making the right investments and it is reaping the benefits of it now.

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