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Mercedes Targets Millennial With Remodeled Coupe

This week, at International New York Auto Show, Mercedes is attracting millennial by its two redesigned sports cars 2020 GLC and 2020 CLA. It is the first time when Mercedes got class-A Sedan, and this happened because of newly designed models.

Mercedes idea of making an investment in its casual products is especially targeting millennial and buyers who are the first time going to purchase a luxury car. It is becoming an attractive option because it is available at affordable prices carrying the badge of Mercedes.

Among these two cars, the CLA class offers the most affordable prices. Its old model was launched in the year 2013 having prices under $30,000. In 2015, the sale of the old model was 29,643 units which declined up to 22,556 till the end of 2019.

The performance division of the company has coordinated with the company in making CLA 35 an amazing and faster car. It is able to generate power up to 305 horsepower from the engine which works with turbochargers. This power is further transmitted to wheels of car with the help of dual clutch.

The Mercedes AMG model has the capability that within 4.6 seconds the car’s speed will bounce to 60. It has power bulges, sports wheels, rear diffuser, and stylish sides and front.

By replacing the old COMAND interface, it has come with a new commercial system called MBUX. The person will be able to control the entertainment systems and get information about climatic conditions using MBUX. This new model of GLC launched in New York is the advanced version of GLC SUV model released in the year 2017. The new version is having new and fresh interiors with the help of MBUX.

Apart from features generated through MBUX, GLC has restyled diffuser, updated lights, updated engine and new color in interiors. The old GLC has the capability of generating power of 241 horsepower but the new one will be able to generate 255 horsepower.  The prices of GLC and CLA 35 are yet not announced but the GLC which is currently in the market has prices starting from $47,300.

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