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Cygnus Spacecraft To Carry Tech Wearables, Small Robots And More To ISS

On April 17 2019, at 4.46 PM EDT (2015 hrs GMT) the Antares launch vehicle developed by Northrop Grumman will carry spacecraft Cygnus NG-11 to ferry critical supplies and some unique experiment facilities to the ISS. It will be the eleventh and final mission of Cygnus. The experiments will come in handy for future space missions.

NASA reports say the consignment includes two tiny robots that are designed to assist astronauts in maintaining space stations, wearable gadgets to study arterial health of astronauts and equipment to test a newly developed method of CO2 removal from the ISS interiors. Gadgets related to experiments for monitoring the aging and blood circulation, arterial ultrasounds, and tolerance test for oral glucose tests and testing of blood samples in space are included in the consignment. The spacecraft also carries wearable sensors that will monitor changes in astronaut’s physical fitness.

Richard Hughson, the principal investigator along with a Waterloo Schlegel-University researcher from Canada iterated at a press meet on April 10, 2019, that the wearable gadget will help to study the connection between insulin resistance and levels of activity in space.

Another experience that will be carried up there includes a Bio-Analyzer. Developed by CSA, the Canadian counterpart of NASA, the instrument will detect as well as count blood cells and concentration of molecules dissolved in fluids like urine and blood. If the experiment succeeds, there will be no need to store blood, urine or saliva samples anymore. They can be tested up in space in a jiffy.

The craft also carries a tiny robot that is designed to rotate around the ISS either being remotely controlled or automatically, to detect any damage to the structure of ISS. It will reduce the need for risky spacewalks by astronauts.  Another similar robot called Astrobee will assist the first one in this.

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