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Nearly 50% Young Asthma Sufferers Fail To Use Inhaler Properly

On April 10, 2019, it was quoted in Health Day News that a lot of children don’t take proper guidelines while using their inhalers accompanied by incomplete dose of medicines. A research was carried out on this on 113 children belonging to the age group between 2 to 16, who were in poor health due to Asthma and were hospitalized. These young patients, who are suffering from Asthma with diagnosis at such an early age, are most prone to complications and death from this disease.

Further investigations also showed that most of children (almost 42%) missed out a crucial step in the usage of the inhaler which is usage of the spacer device. A spacer is always recommended by a doctor to use with an inhaler. It ensures that the correct amount of Asthma Medication reaches the lungs of those patients. It was 18% of the children who didn’t use a spacer.

It was also published on April 17, in one of the journals that teenagers are most likely to make such mistakes. Dr. Waheeda of Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago also commented that Asthma can be easily managed in most of the patients and the key lies in the proper usage of the inhalers.

If patients become habitual of using the inhaler with a wrong technique, they will become victims of this disease going uncontrolled and wild and have to rush to the hospitals again and again.

Dr. Waheeda also added that even it’s very important to check on the patients who are in the phase of taking medication by their own, if they are using the inhaler and spacer in the right way. She even told that adding a spacer for adults as well can elevate the effects of asthma medication by many folds.

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