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400+ Measles Cases In NY, 2 Pregnant Women Affected

New information provided by the Health Department of New York City suggests that nearly 400 individuals have been reported to have contracted measles ever since the beginning of the outbreak in October 2018. Health officials reported on Wednesday that 31 new measles cases have been recorded that brought the total count to 390 over the period of previous several months. City officials also stated that a couple of pregnant women have been reported to have contracted measles, one of which did so in the last month. Most of the cases are coming out of the outbreak that took place in Borough Park and Williamsburg neighborhoods of Brooklyn. The latter is the center and home of a united and tightly-knit Jewish population that is hesitant to and not approving of the concept of vaccination. The same place recorded about 323 measles cases.

Dr. Oxiris Barbot, the Health Commissioner, said that numbers suggest why it is of utmost importance to get vaccinated. He added how not getting oneself vaccinated against a disease as contagious and infectious as measles puts everyone- friends, family, neighbors, relatives, classmates and other fellow New York City residents- at risk of contracting the disease. Such huge numbers of recorded and reported cases of measles led to Bill de Blasio, the Mayor of NYC, declaring a public health emergency on 9th April this year. He further commanded and ordered every human being in particular regions to get himself vaccinated, failing to do which will lead to imposition of a fine worth $1,000. 12 individuals have been summoned by the city for not complying with the regulations.

Experts had expressed their concern about the beginning of Passover last weekend as it could raise the threat of spreading the disease as families united to celebrate the 8-day holiday. Dr. Demetre Daskalakis, Deputy Commissioner, said that the outbreak is currently focused intensely in Williamsburg only, where rate of people getting vaccinated must greatly improve for the situation to get better.

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