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Study Reveals Increase In Level Of Stress, Anger In Americans

A recent study states that in this decade the levels of anger and stress are at the peak amongst the Americans. It also states that the residents of the United States rank the top amongst the stressed people around the world.

A poll was conducted last year; it is known by the name of Gallup poll. The researchers collected a sample from 150,000 adults who are located across the world. Out of these 1000 are from the United States. The participants were interviewed to know whether they had positive or negative feelings on the day before the interview. This has been reported by New York Times. Almost 55% of the interviewees who informed to have suffered from stress are from United States. In comparison to this, 35% of people informed to have suffered from stress across the world. Amongst the participants, 22% informed that they suffered from lot of anger. This is the same percentage as that of the whole world taken together. Since 2012 Greece ranked first in the list of most stressed people. Now United States joins the ranking.

The prime causes of the negative feelings are being of less than 50 years of age, have low incomes and have disapproval for Donald Trump’s performance as a president. The survey results were released on Thursday. According to Julie Ray, who is the managing director for Gallup informed the most highlighting factor for the US participants was their negative experience. Julie also informed that this was a surprising result for the researchers.

On the other hand, 64% United States residents informed that they had some interesting experience or have learnt something new the day before the interview. The worldwide percentage in this regards stood at 49%. This has been good news for the surveyors and off course for the United States.

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