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FB App In US To Undergo Biggest Change In Past 5 Yrs

Mark Zuckerberg informed on Tuesday that the company is going to bring a big change in its Facebook application. This is going to be the biggest alteration to the social media app since 2014. The announcement was made at the F8 Developer Conference by the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

This change will be a step towards the company’s vision of improving the privacy and messaging potential of the application. FB5 is the 5th big version of the application. Mark Zuckerberg informed that the new design will ensure that the groups and the communities get more attention than the ones in the previous Facebook app designs. He also emphasized on the fact that the new version will make the design simple. The Facebook icon will also change along with the color; it will no more be blue. Facebook communities will now be as important as the friends section in the social media platform. While they will be shifting the focus on groups, Mark informed they will ensure that the users are refrained from joining groups which spread misinformation. Lately, Facebook has been severely criticized for spreading incorrect information.

At the start of the conference Mark informed that he is aware of the fact that people do not take the privacy policies of the app seriously. This is because there have been several scandals regarding data privacy breach on Facebook.

The new Facebook version is ready to roll out in United States on Tuesday. The new version will be available across the world in the upcoming weeks. The company is also working on its desktop version. This will be released at the late part of the year.

With this major change, Facebook once again confirms that it is really working hard to get its privacy policies and features right. This will ultimately enable the app to protect its users.

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