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TRISAT to fly SSMS in August 2020—Recent Report

This year April 5 a contract was signed between Electrical Engineering & Computer Science faculty of Maribor University and Launch services provider, (SAB-LS).The contract was named as LSA. It is an agreement related to Launch Services. This deal was signed for launching the satellite – TRISAT.

This meet was organized at Maribor. The participants in this meet were Prof. Kacic Rector from Maribor University, Mr. Zbravko Pocivalsek, who is the Economy Minister from Slovakia, the Space Delegation from Slovakia and Prof. Iztok Kramberger who is leading the Mission. Matthew Bullock, who is a delegate from ESA, was also present at the conference.

It is planned that TRISAT will be flying on the Maiden Flight for mission services of Small Spacecraft. The launch is going to take place in the month of August of 2019. The launch will take place on VEGA, which is a Small Launcher meant for Europe. AVIO is the manufacturer and developer of VEGA.

Eng. Marco Mariani who is the Chief Executive at SAB-LS informed that this specific LSA comes with a special meaning for them. With this launch they will be closing an aggregate Institutional CubeSats. The success of this launch will strengthen the position of the company as one of the partners of Arianespace. This means that the company will be able to launch nano-satellites. He has also thanked Professor Kacic and Kramberger along with the Maribor University for this success.

He also informed that since 2014 they have been trying to frame mission services of Small Spacecraft with ESA and AVIO. Mariani also states that SAB Aerospace is engaged in the development of the dispenser. This has allowed dedicated and specific Smallsat missions to be performed on VEGA-C and VEGA. Now the complete team of SAB is expecting a successful completion of this whole mission.

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