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Trade War May Be Boiling, But Trump Says Relations Very Strong With China

The trade war between Washington-China has sure irked up and fuelled some speculations between the two rival countries. However, recent sources confirm Trump saying that all’s well with the trade and their relations with China are stronger than before. Having received a deadline passed on Friday to reach an agreement on both the ends, talks still seem to continue within the two parties.

US having raised the import tariffs to 25% on 325$ billion worth of goods, China says that they now have been “forced” to retaliate to such extreme measures. However, Trump and Beijing both have said that they have been concluding their agreement by “constructive” and “honest” talks and they will soon reach a peace treaty.

No wonder, both the parties agree that they have absolutely “no rush” to arrive at an agreement, and hence they are both taking their time to arrive at a decision which will benefit humanity on whole. With further delay and rise in tariffs, the prolonged results affect the global economy as a whole with the US consumers suffering the most loss.

Sources say the Chinese stock market has closed up with a rise of 1-3% in profound companies and stockholders, this Friday. However, the debate between leftists and critics still continue as the later blames this raise to affect US consumers the most, almost an estimate of $800 per household.

Further delay shall cause a major drop at US GDP and the daydreams of cash flow into US treasury will only be shattered when citizens of the US have to individually bear its burden. However, Mr. Le Maire has reportedly said that there shall be no threat to the world economy.

Import and exports to both the sides have been slumped on both the sides, with US farmers being affected the most. Economists have reported that such high prices and slacking imports are pushing farmers to the brink of depression and helplessness.

China has been a frequent target of Trump’s anger; however, what awaits both the countries’ citizens will be revealed only in the trade agreement.

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