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UK May Face Curbs In Flying Due To Climate Change

Climate change concerns might restrict flights available in UK, said the government. The CCC recently announced that UK’s aviation expansion plans would have to be reduced to minimize CO2 emissions. Ministers would probably have to go through aviation strategy again, as per a civil servant.

A green group has demand Heathrow’s expansion plans to be debated in Parliament. The Transport Department however defended its move, stating that it would ensure an economic boost at no additional cost and was environmentally safe. Policies for aviation up until 2050 are under discussion, the initial proposals saw a target of CO emissions being cut by 80%. However, the CCC has recommended a zero net emission policy for Britain.

That means capturing and storing greenhouse gases or planting trees to compensate. The previous scenario saw aviation’s CO emissions being compensated by cuts for other industries. However, this is no longer an option, leading to a restriction being imposed in aviation industry. Further recommendations are forthcoming by the CCC. Caroline Low, DT’s aviation head stated to Plan B, a green group, that CCC’s recommendations might be considered for the aviation industry.

Plan B sees this as an admission by DfT that climate change is more important that people’s flying requirements. Tim Crosland of Plan B stated that he was pleased to know that the government was reviewing its stance on Heathrow expansion. Many significant developments have taken place ever since then.

The IPCC report mentioned consequences of global temperature rising by 1.5C, Parliament recognized the current state of ecological and climate emergency and the CCC has stressed the importance of Britain becoming a zero net carbon country by 2050.The government may prevent climate change or continue business in routine fashion, but can’t have its feet on both boats.

Scotland’s government has decided to review its backing for Heathrow expansion due to the CCC’s report. Corsland called for the proposal to be sent back to the Parliament. The DfT has assured that it would carefully consider the CCC report and reiterated its responsibility towards the environment.

Kevin Anderson of Manchester University said that shrinking aviation growth is possible without political opposition, as it is mostly the rich who use flights.

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