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HIV Prevention Drug To Be Made Available To Uninsured Patients

Gilead Sciences declared that free pills of Truvada will be donated to 200,000 people that are not insured for 11 year for prevention of new HIV cases. This donation announcement came within a day of the firm stating that this daily pill’s generic version will be available from September of next year. Chief patient officer of Gilead, Gregg Alton expressed the firm’s pride in its ability to assist CDC in expanding access of the medication to needy people and preventing new HIV infection cases. He believes that the donation that will extend up-to 2030 will play a critical role in ending the HIV epidemic in the country.

The Truvada pill which is prescribed for HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis is a daily pill that prevents transmission of the disease. Deputy executive director of Washington based AIDS Institute Cal Schmid declared the donation as a significant development that will free government from spending billions of dollars on purchasing the medicine for uninsured patients. He stated that efforts to end HIV epidemic received another boost with this donation announcement as even the House Appropriations Committee has decided to increase the expenditure on AIDS prevention programs within the country by $500.

But some think tanks are questioning the impact that this step could have and also the motive and timing of this announcement. According to Kaiser family foundation’s Jen Kates this will cover only 36 percent of Americans that have been recommended to take it and only the new ones. The donation by Gilead is in the midst of patent negotiations between government and the pharma company as Global Health Justice Partnership declared that since Truvada creation and tests of Truvada were funded by government the CDC owns patent for the medicine now instead of Gilead. After the news became public, HIV/AIDS activists groups started pressuring government to open the Truvada patent for generic manufacturers.

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