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ULA Bags $143 Million LVPS Contract—Report

USAF SMC on Thursday awarded the ULA a contract of $149 million for the heavy launch of a Delta 4 of the mission of the National Reconnaissance Office NROL-68, which is the second mission to be awarded to the ULA under the contract of Launch Vehicle Production Services in the month of October in 2018. The ULA was awarded in 2018 three missions of NRO – NROL-91 for 2022, NROL-68 for 2023 and NROL-70 for 2024. NROL-91 was awarded in 2018 October.

The announcement that was made on Thursday was for NROL-68. The value of the contract of LVPS is $449.8 million. AF sole-sourced contract of LVPS to ULA as the vehicle of heavy launch of Delta 4 is the single rocket that presently meets the requirements of the mission for NRO assets that include unique handling at the hardware of launch site and mission-unique. A spokesperson has said that the air force has determined that ULA was the single certified provider of the launch service that has the ability to offer services for NROL-70, NROL-68 and NROL-91 missions. A request for the proposal was handed out in the month of March in 2017 for the missions of three NRO.

NROL-70 and NROL-68 are expected to launch from the station of Cape Canaveral of Air Force in Florida. NROL-91has been planned to be launched from the Vandenberg Base of Air Force in California. The Air Force is intending to complete the heavy launch services of space of national security when the new vehicles would arrive in the market. Falcon Heavy of SpaceX is planned to get certified in the next few months. Northrop Grumman and Blue Origin, the competitors are also developing rockets like the ULA. Though ULA is winding up this year the Delta 4 Medium, the Air Force intends to keep heavy launch vehicle in service until 2020s for ensuring that it has the ability of heavy lift until the other vehicles are prepared.

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