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Proponing Moon Mission To 2024 Reduces Political Risk

NASA may have a good change of completing it long term goal of sending astronauts to the moon now that it has been given extension of four years and as per new directive signed by Vice President Mike Pence in March this year the target date for crewed landing on the lunar surface is now set for 2024. The accelerated schedule is likely to force NASA to take on technical risks in the ARTEMIS program and it may be tough to develop and test technologies in short timeframe but NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine stated that he is confident that the agency can meet the deadline.

The political risk towards space exploration initiatives and vision has always existed as political priorities keep changing along with changes in budgets and administrators says Bridenstine referring to the defunct plans drawn up during times of George Bush and his son respectively. He insisted the short programs planned and executed with four to five years at most have lesser political risk and can be accomplished within time schedule. NASA envisions the upcoming moon mission of 2024 as start of the agency’s sustainable long term presence on the moon.

The lessons learnt by its scientists during the Artemis program has taught its employees and international partners about how to plan a sustainable crewed trip to ultimate destination of Mars. The Artemis program revolves around several key infrastructure pieces that are still in various stages of development like the Space Launch System mega-rocket, Orion crew capsule and space station Gateway. If the mission goes as per plan the latter could serve as a hub for lunar exploration and all surface mission to and from the moon comprising of crewed and unscrewed spaceships will depart from the is outpost and go back when work is completed. NASA has asked private sector to help in development of landers and firms like Blue Origin, Space X are engaged in these activities.

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