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Amazon Will Pay $10,000 To Aid Employees Start Their Own Delivery Business

The giant e-commerce, Amazon wants its workers to leave their jobs and start their own delivery companies and that is an exclusive proposal from Amazon. The company is upping the bet. Last year in June, the company has made an announcement that the employees of the United States could put on to begin their own small businesses, carrying Prime packages in the company-branded uniforms and vans. Amazon wished it might fill its massive requisite for people to transport packages from the company’s local sorting centers to the consumers who have placed orders. The company stated that numerous of its employees have conveyed interest in the program. Recently, Amazon has admitted that many of its employees could not have enough money for the start-up which they needed to begin the businesses.

The company has made an announcement that it will now give workers up to $10,000 to start their delivery business with three months of their present Amazon pay as well. This move is a way to give the capital that workers need to begin the service. According to Dave Clark, Amazon’s senior vice president of worldwide operations, the company has received awe-inspiring attention from tens of thousands of workers who registered to be part of the Amazon’s Delivery Service Partner program. He added that the company has also heard from associates about their desire to participate in the program but the transition is the main struggle for them. The company has been trying to speed up an autonomous delivery service to carry the packages which at present handles by companies like UPS and FedEx along with the Postal Service.

As per the company, since it has commenced the delivery service, there have been more than 200 autonomous suppliers who contracted up to grip the transfers and in between them, they have employed several local drivers for delivering the packages.

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