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Things You Must Avoid While Riding Lyft And Uber, Drivers Revealed

Reportedly, on behalf of Lyft and Uber, millions of drivers transport passengers to their destinations all over the world. All kind of passengers are seen by those drivers, bad or good. And depending upon their personal experience, they have been overpoweringly optimistic, Business Insider was informed by a lot of drivers. But as we all know, public-facing professions, there will always be some bad apples. Drivers were asked regarding their pet irritations, to benefit their individual rider score by preventing. And here’s what they said:

People should avoid eating or should ask first at least. This is the number 1 complaint amid every single driver was on the odor subject. Amanda, who is a driver from L.A. informed Business Insider that, permitted riders think they can consume whatever the hell they want in my vehicle. People just don’t realize these are our own vehicles. Another driver said, he never minds if riders ask for permission, but they compulsorily have to delay to open it till he drops them off. It does not halt at just food items. Additional odors might have an even added severe consequence on a driver’s capability to keep on driving.

According to them, marijuana is the first culprit. A driver from Connecticut, Wallace informed Business insider that, teens get into my car most of the times reeking of marijuana. As long as it has not been smoked in the car, he doesn’t mind at all, he said. But if any other rider complains regarding the smelling of the car like marijuana, it can surely get him disabled from the app. Stan, a driver from the Cleveland said that, a Febreze spray is always used by him after any rider with body odor or extreme pet leave the vehicle. Furthermore, they suggest not to bang their very light doors as they use their own cars.

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