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‘Fox Nation’ Summit Fuelled by Fan Passion, Report

Thursday night saw several politically-engaged people lining up outside one hotel for a conservative rally, with a chance to meet popular faces like Tomi Lahren, Diamond and Silk and Ed Henry. Although the aim of the event was promotion of Fox News’ online offshoot Fox Nation, of which 26-year-old Lahren is the most vocal and visible star, it felt like a campaign rally of Trump. Some participants have claimed to have paid several thousand dollars for becoming Fox Nation ‘founding members’, underscoring Fox Corp. ways of taking advantage of something that CEO Lachlan Murdoch defined as ‘fan passion’ of the news outlet. Apart from free plastic sunglasses, people attending the event could buy beakers, T-shirts and duffel bags. Most attendees were white, older people who were excited to hear Lahren’s fiery opening speech. Many lined up to obtain autographed copies of the latest book of Henry and many were seen wearing hats and T-shirts with slogans and antagonistic messages printed on them. Furthermore, the event saw a Q&A session being held.

Justin Winfield from New Mexico said that Fox News promotes freedom of making decisions and freedom of the individual. Ex-president of CNN Jonathan Klein stated how events such as this add to sense of belonging and community of the news outlet. Although it is very evident and unquestionable that Fox Nation support and backs Trump, its mother ship Fox News may be showing indications of subtle shift by agreeing to conduct and organize town halls for president with Democratic candidates. Ex-anchor of Fox News Bill O’Reilly said that Fox wants to get out of all kinds of hard-right, strong and real presentation so that sponsors can feel more comfortable.

Fox news claimed to be on track for higher ever ad-revenue generating year, despite suggestions of ad boycotts hurting it. And even though Senator Elizabeth Warren thinks Fox News to be a ‘hate-for-profit racket’, everyone does not seem to feel the same way. African-American airport van driver Dwight Whitfield said that he likes Fox News personalities but does not care for their support for Trump.

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