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More Women Susceptible To Heart Disease Through Absence Of Exercise

Cardiovascular diseases kill most women in America. AHA estimates that each day, 400,000 women succumb to the condition. The number is about the same as fatalities occurring due to cancer, diabetes and chronic lower respiratory illnesses put together. Considering race, it is shocking to see that a lot more African-American women die from cardiovascular diseases than white women. Healthful, balanced diets, regular exercising and other healthy lifestyle choices may, however, prevent the condition from developing. Researchers have found that over half of women suffering from cardiovascular illnesses do so due to lack of enough exercise. CDC and AHA recommend adults to exercise moderately or a minimum of 150mins every week or to do so vigorously for 30-75mins every week.

The new study used information from 2006-2015 questionnaire that included data of over 18,000 women belonging to various races- Hispanic, non-Hispanic white, African-American, Asian- and suffering from cardiovascular diseases. The answers that had been collected in 2006-2007 were then compared with data from 2014-2015. It was seen that number of women suffering from cardiovascular illnesses and not following recommended guidelines about physical activity and exercise had risen to almost 62% from previous 58%. Trends related to socio-economic factors, race and age were also found. Number of women not meeting guidelines and aged between 40 and 64 were the greatest. Women having lower incomes, Hispanic women and African-American women were also most likely to not follow guidelines.

Due to rise in diseases, a significant rise in healthcare expenditure was noted. Women were seen to spend about $12,700 and $14,800 during 2006-2007 and 2014-2015 respectively on healthcare, while women getting enough exercise spent only around $8,800 and $10,500 during 2006-2007 and 2014-2015 respectively. The study was only meant to identify 10-year trends among American women in physical activity levels while keeping in mind variables like social and economic statuses, ethnicities/races and age, and not on cause or effect. Researchers stated in conclusion that vulnerable groups like older women or those hailing from minority groups or lower socio-economic backgrounds require encouragement from healthcare providers for following recommended physical activity guidelines. Furthermore, doctors too need to support their patients and keep them motivated so that exercise becomes and remains an enjoyable activity.

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