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Hikvision, Chinese Surveillance Equipment Company Likely To Feature In US Blacklist

The US–China trade conflict seems more like a tech war with American focusing more on the surveillance technology of the Chinese. The US may now blacklist Chinese surveillance product firm, Hikvision, limiting acquisition of US components, heightening tensions between both nations and shedding light on how people are monitored in China.

Hikvision manufactures video surveillance equipment and is one of the largest companies globally. If Washington moves forward with penalties, American firms will have to obtain government licenses for selling equipment to Hikvision. This might be because Trump administration considers China to be a geopolitical and economic threat to the US, in addition to being concerned about the country’s extensive surveillance industry. Accusations against China have been made by US lawmakers, stating that the nation intensively monitors Muslims and constitutes to ‘crimes against humanity’. Chinese foreign ministry responded by saying that their technology only ensures social stability and that US is attempting to impede development in their country.

China not only has 200 million cameras peppered around for surveillance, it also used AI technology like facial recognition for keeping track of almost all 1.4bn of its population. The surveillance network of China is underpinned by data. For this purpose, Chinese nationals possess unique ID cards. Additionally, information about all people is accumulated by law enforcement agencies, including collection of biometric data by authorities. No person has the luxury of anonymity as their phone numbers are linked to government databases. Other information like movement of individuals and their electricity and gas usages are also monitored.

China, in 2017, said that it plans on becoming the global leader in AI technology, leading to growth in number of firms selling AI-powered items. Megvii and SenseTime are two such firms that sell AI-driven facial recognition technologies to government. Hence, networks like ‘Skynet’ and ‘Sharp Eyes’ have developed too for monitoring places and people all over the country.

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