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Huawei CEO Takes The Stand For Apple—Recent Report

Founder and CEO of Chinese tech giant Huawei, Ren Zhengfei has safeguarded their United States rival, Apple. As China has been thinking lately about boycotting Apple, Ren has informed that he would not agree to such extreme reaction from Beijing even when there are trade conflicts between China and US. He mentioned in an interview that it is unlikely to happen and even if it does, he would be the first one to oppose. He also praised Apple saying, they were the first one to bring mobile internet. They have been the initiators and Huawei, a mere follower. He said that their company would never have the audacity to oppose the initiator.

All these have been said in a fit of crisis for Huawei. US Department of Commerce has put Huawei in blacklist for business at the beginning of this month. This has banned Huawei from carrying on their business with any of the American companies. This ban has made ARM Holdings and Google to cut off all ties with Huawei. Best carriers from Japan and UK has also postponed launch of smartphones of the Chinese company. This ban by US has put into threat Huawei’s rank as the largest telecommunications device maker and the second largest smartphone brand in the world.

Fitch Rating commented that US’s ban on Huawei could move the smartphone industry by restricting the positive growth gained by Huawei. Besides, this ban might be the biggest benefit for Samsung since people would now search for a substitution for Huawei smartphones. In Huawei’s home market, Apple and Huawei had hugely different fates. Huawei has shipped approximately 30 million smartphones in China in the first quarter of 2019. It was increased by 40% compared to the same time in 2018. However, Apple faced a drop in their iPhone sales by almost 30% during the same time. However, China still remained a big market for Apple. In spite of all these, Ren said that bringing Huawei and Apple in between the trade war was not fair.

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