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Apple Will Supposedly Restrict 3rd-Party Tracking In Children Apps

As tech firms struggle with privacy and safety issues, Apple will supposedly restrict 3rd-party tracking in children’s apps beginning next week. While the firm has not declared the modification, a source claimed to the media that it is in the works. Considering that Apple’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) is on the verge—and that Google and Facebook have employed their respective developer events to market privacy programs—it would not be shocking for Apple to declare elevated privacy for children.

As media points out, many iPhone privacy concerns are the outcome of 3rd-party apps that share sensitive data. Even apps in the kids section, such as Curious World, are guilty of sharing consumer’s ages and names. Apple claims that privacy issues are the second most common factor for declining an app from the App Store. The firm supposedly promised to “deal with the challenges of enhancing transparency and assisting consumers get solid security and privacy protections for the info they have selected to share.”

Media reached out to Apple for verification, but we have to wait till WWDC to know what privacy enhancements the firm has in store.

On a related note, privacy push by Apple is expanding to a region where you may not hope it for: web ad tracing. The firm’s John Wilander has summarized a new method, Privacy Preserving Ad Click Attribution, which might assist marketers trace the success of ads without tracing separate consumers. Host websites might create generic ad clicks, while the sites by advertisers might match the number of translations (people who went on to make payments) with a day or two of delay to avoid profiling. Your browser might send ad click attribution info for those matches, but only in an optional and special private browsing session that stops cross-site tracing.

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