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Google Assistant & Amazon’s Alexa; Smarter Than Apple’s Siri

We are in constant touch with the virtual assistants; be it Google assistant, Alexa or Siri, they have become a normal part of our life. Siri might have become a part of iPhone in 2011, but the technology is many years old. The foremost machine able to synthesize speech was invented by Bell Labs in 1939. And then onwards, scientists have only developed the system, now common to us in the form of artificial intelligence.

A professor at Michigan State University, Joyce Chai, explains that AIs are of two types. The strong AI would be able to think reason and act like a human. The weak AI that we use in the form of virtual assistance will focus on specific tasks only.

Siri is facing many challenges in the market. According to Keyvan Mohajer, the first one is that it delivered less than they promised. Apple failed to build a developing ecosystem that would gain knowledge at a fast rate; like Amazon which has increased its knowledge from hundreds to tens of thousands. A major reason for Siri’s inefficiency is Apple’s high standards of privacy. Other virtual assistants use their user’s data to learn as much as they can, but Apple does not agree with it. According to Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, it is just an excuse that the benefits of technology can be gained only by compromising the privacy of the users.

On one hand, where Google, Amazon and other companies coordinate and collaborate and work in the same fields with teamwork, Apple intentionally remains left out. But recently, it was noticed that Apple is hiring researchers from its competitors, which is a new step. Siri might not be the leading AI but it is progressing. In its Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple announced various updates in Siri like speech engine using voice-generated software. Other suggestions to Apple for making Siri a more successful assistant include building a well-efficient developer community.

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