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NASA To Throw Open ISS Gates To Tourists From 2020

NASA is all set to let tourists into the ISS who can stay there for $35000 a night. This operation would start in 2020.Tourism and such business ventures would be kicked off at the ISS, as per latest reports from NASA. Robyn Gatens, a director at ISS, stated that two astronaut missions would take place every year for private citizens. They would be able to travel and stay at ISS for around 30 days. Travel would be via US spacecraft.

CFO Jeff DeWitt stated that NASA had begun commercial operations at the ISS, with marketing and publicity like never before. The announcement was made in NY City. Private entities in the business would be in charge of determining the composition of the crew and approving that tourists meet the requisite training and medical standards essential for spaceflight.

Boeing with its Starliner spacecraft and SpaceX with a Dragon Capsule have been engaged by NASA to take care of these operations. SpaceX is led by Elon Musk, who has plans to colonize Mars. They will most likely charge these tourists around $ 60 million per flight, which is the same amount it intends to charge NASA when they transport its astronauts.

Till now, NASA had banned the ISS being used for commercial purposes and prevented astronauts from participating in profit-oriented research. However, NASA isn’t the sole owner of ISS. It is built it in partnership with Russia. It has moved towards a favorable attitude towards space commerce.

Dennis Tito was the first private astronaut to visit the ISS. He paid $20 million to Russia for the service in 2001. NASA is slowly moving towards privatizing ISS entirely. Donald Trump has stated his intention to defund the station by 2025.

NASA also has plans for another moon landing mission, with a woman this time. This will be the first moon landing in decades.

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