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First AI Hub Launched By Microsoft To Retain Top Talent

There has been a lot of speculation going on of late about the implications of Artificial Intelligence and how the introduction of it in various sectors can lead to automation and consequently result in a number of people losing their job. Microsoft decided to study the implications itself as it announced that the first regional hub for AI is going to be opened in Louisville, Kentucky. The reason why it is going to be important is due to the fact that it will provide adequate training to the people on how to deal with AI in a better way and not to get affected by automation too much and work alongside it so that the economy and the finances are not affected.

The reason why Louisville was chosen as the venue for opening the hub was due to the fact that 28% of all the jobs in the community there is prone to automation, with the manufacturing sector occupying a large chunk at 12%. The Chief Technological Officer Jennifer Byrne has been given the responsibility of running the project and she has already signed a pact with the Mayor of Louisville, Greg Fischer. The first work that they are going to perform is to provide fellowship to four people who have voluntarily expressed their desire to know the maximum about Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and data science.

The total space is planned to be completely open and the people who will be awarded the fellowship will have the option to interact with others so that there is an exchange of knowledge and more people get inspired. The reason why this initiative is being taken by Microsoft is because of the fact that there aren’t enough trained people who have expertise in AI and are ready to deal with the automation.

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