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Clean Energy Sources Outstrip Coal In The US—Report

Previously, US coal industry was severely affected by the boom in natural gas at present; it is facing serious pressure due to increase in renewable energy sources. Due to this, most of the American power plants will be able to generate energy from natural sources and produce less carbon emission.

During a press meet, Jeff McDermott said that coal is meant to get exhausted in the upcoming future and it holds no prospect for industries. Back in April 2019, a report was released in which it was clearly stated that in comparison to coal, renewable sector can generate more energy. At present, US has drastically decreased its demand for coal.

According to another report the overall coal consumption in the US took a plunge of about 39%. This change is witnessed even when the President Trump had promised that he would change environmental rules and make coal industry boom.

During an exclusive interview, Matthew Hoza said that power plants of America will continue to use renewable energy sources irrespective of the measures the government will take. He further stated that the use of renewable energy sources is also beneficial for the citizens of America.

Renewable energy basically includes geothermal steam, wind, solar power, biomass and water. At present, there has been a consisted rise in solar and wind units by 102 and 18. During a press conference, Matthew Hoza said that in upcoming future there is a possibility that coal would get surpassed by renewable energy source.

While speaking to the press, Jeff McDermott said that the Trump government is trying to save coal industry so that it can get a great deal of favor. He also said that the use of coal has turned obsolete and people do not want any more rise in pollution levels. At present renewable energy is also undertaking natural gas.

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