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50% Of Global Population Can Avail 5G Network By 2024

During a recent press conference, Ericsson stated that since consumers are very enthusiastic and due to need of the hour, people might be able to witness 5G technology, sooner than expected. Back on Tuesday, one of the spokesperson of Ericsson stated that till the year 2024 near about 45% of total world population can access 5G technology.

Recently, Ericsson has also provided a revised statement for total 5G subscription around the globe. Contrary to the forecast which was provided on November 2018, at present Ericsson stated that near about 1.9 billion users may subscribe for the services of this technology.

While addressing the press, Patrik Cerwall said that the 5G movement is heading ahead at a fast pace. At present, most of the mobile providers all around the globe have started to work on the genuine infrastructure, necessary to support 5G networks. With 5G technology, people will be able to use automatically driven cars.

Countries like US, South Korea and UK have already launched limited 5G services. In one of the conferences, Ericsson stated that smartphone as well as chip manufacturing companies are also planning to launch products which will be beneficial for this technology.

In one of his recent interviews, Cerwall said that initially, 5G technology might showcase a low growth but when people start to get aware about it then the industry will boom. While speaking to the press, Ericsson stated that LTE services of 4G will be at its peak around 2022. At present, Huawei is suffering from great deal of political pressure and Nokia is trying to outcast Huawei from the market.

According to one of the spokespersons of the US government, Huawei is close to the Chinese government and it deals in espionage. Many analysts have stated that the networking of 5G might slow down if governments do not lift ban from Huawei. Last month, the US government had put a ban on Huawei’s export inside the country.

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