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Increased Intake Of Red Meat Increases Death Risk, Concludes New Research

People who had increased red meat consumption over eight years had higher chances of death during those years than those whose consumption levels remained the same. Those who decreased consumption and replaced meat with better alternatives had lower chances of death.

The study was published in The BMJ, led by Yan Zheng of Fudan University from China. Prof. Zheng along with his team utilized data from NHS and HPFS studies and reports for their research. About 27,916 men and 53,553 women were examined, who did not have cancer or cardiovascular diseases at the study’s start.

Mortality risk and red meat consumption levels correlation was examined during the 1994–-2002 period. The 2002–2010 periods was also examined for testing their theory.

Those who raised processed meat consumption by about a half serving quantity had 13% greater chances of death. Raising unprocessed meat consumption raised the risk by 9%.However, replacing red meat with vegetables, whole grains, eggs, dairy, skinless poultry, fish and nuts lowered risk of mortality, even when adjusted for alcohol intake, dietary patterns, smoking, physical activity, and age.

This proved that a steady reduction in red meat consumption while simultaneously consuming protein foods, whole grains or vegetables are likely to decrease the chances of dying prematurely, stated Professor Hu. A Mediterranean or similar diet that had an extreme emphasis on healthy plant foods had to be adopted if environmental sustainability and human health conditions were to be improved.

Although it was only an observational study incapable of addressing causality, researchers tried to provide a few explanations for their findings. Preservatives, heme iron, cholesterol, and saturated fats had a negative impact on cardio-metabolic health conditions, said the scientists.

High-temperature cooking creates carcinogenic substances. Compounds capable of causing atherosclerosis are formed by gut bacteria reacting to the consumption of red meat. Numerous studies have pointed out the dangers of red meat. Even slight consumption can increase death risks and kidney failure risk. Alzheimer’s, breast cancer and colorectal cancer had links to red meat consumption as well, as per previous studies.

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