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7-Eleven To Deliver Your Slurpees To Beaches And Parks

7-Eleven has a method for its 7Now deliveries to be prominent from the flock: allow you order in all types of public areas. An upgrade to its 7Now application for iOS allow you ask for delivery to “pins,” or usually nearby areas such as beaches, parks, concert venues, and other regions where an address is not an option. This does not mean you can order from utterly anywhere, but it is far more suitable if on a hot summer’s day you are feeling like some Slurpees.

The service wraps a series of drinks (comprising alcohol in some areas), cosmetics, food, and “home goods.” As with normal 7Now deliveries, there is no time-of-day or minimum order restriction. If you are delivering to a pin, you can hope for an order in 30 Minutes or less “in most cases.”

The 7Now service presently wraps 27 urban regions, comprising Chicago, Austin, New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. While this will not assure delivery to your preferred hangout place, it does comprise major areas such as Fenway Park, Central Park, and Venice Beach. And it still beats the address-supported deliveries for many options—you possibly will not have to travel closely as far to get your delivery.

On a related note, you now have the opportunity to order pizza from the touchscreen of your car. Chevy has included Domino’s ordering to its Marketplace, converting it into the first firm to provide pizza orders squarely from the dash of your car—no smartphone app need. It is not a mainly complicated application when you are restricted to an Easy Order, tracking your pie’s progress, or one of your recent orders, but it can save precious time if you are craving for a few slices once you get home. If delivery is just slow, you can order for pickup too.

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