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Microsoft And BMW Group To Introduce Open Manufacturing Platform

At the Hannover Messe, German carmakers BMW Group and Microsoft announced a new community initiative to enable faster and more profitable innovation in the production. Today, industrial partners can hamper production and profitability through proprietary and complex systems that create data silos and reduce productivity. The Open Manufacturing Platform (OMP) is intended to eradicate these barriers, create an open technology framework and an intersectoral community.

The partners stated that the development of factories for smart solutions should be shared by participants from all sectors of the automotive and manufacturing sectors. The goal is to significantly accelerate the future development of IOT (Internet of Things), reduce time to value generation, and increase production efficiency, while addressing the industry’s current challenges.

The Open Manufacturing Platform is based on the Microsoft Internet Azure Industrial platform, which aims to provide community members with reference architecture for open source components based on open industry standards and an open data model.

This platform approach not only makes collaboration easy but also unchains and regulates data models for analysis and machine learning scenarios, data traditionally managed in proprietary systems. Industry examples and sample codes enable community members and other partners to develop their own services and solutions while maintaining control of their data.

With more than 3000 robots, machines, and autonomous transport systems connected to the BMW, based on cloud computing capabilities and artificial intelligence related to Microsoft Azure, the BMW Group intends to be a clear case of first use.

The MTO is the next evolution of the long-term technological partnership between the BMW Group and Microsoft, as well as the mutual commitment to innovation and the creation of a collective success opportunity for the entire industry. The MTO will be designed to tackle frequent industrial confronts such as on-site systems integration and machine connectivity. This facilitates the reclaiming of software solutions by manufacturers, vendors and other partners, which will considerably reduce execution costs.

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