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Study Shows Why Patients Of Heart Failure Suffer From Depression

Reportedly, heart failure patients mostly have a problem with depression and thinking. A recent study by researchers from the UG (University of Guelph) explains why and shows ways to avoid and treat heart and brain maladies with the rising field of circadian medicine. The study was published in Nature’s Scientific Reports. The research is the first to disclose how mood and cognition in mice are controlled by the body clock and how relevant brain regions are damaged in heart failure, stated Professor Tami Martino of the UG. “Neurosurgeons mostly look in the brain, while, cardiologists looks into the heart. But, this recent study looked at both,” stated Martino, whose work in the rising field of circadian medicine is backed by funding from the CIHR (Canadian Institutes of Health Research).

Reportedly, coronary heart disease—which is the most ordinary cause of heart failure—leads to 1 in 3 deaths in Canada, as per to the HSFC (Heart and Stroke Foundation). Patients with heart failure mostly have neurological circumstances like depression and cognitive impairment, said Martino. Martino suspected the heart-brain link engaged the circadian mechanism molecule known as “clock.” Circadian rhythms in organisms and humans follow Earth’s 24-Hour cycle of darkness and light, signaling when to go to sleep and when to be awake.

On a similar note, recently, scientists discovered why females have the benefits of heart health. The new study from the UG has solved this mystery. The interplay amid a circadian “clock” molecule and female ovarian hormones protects the heart well being of women as they age, as per to the latest study by the UG researchers. The study was published in Cardiovascular Research and can aid in preventing heart disease as we grow older. In previous studies, scientists found that heart attacks were inferior for males compared to females of similar age.

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