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NASA Grabs 7 Nominations For This Year’s Webby Award

Need to talk about how to land spaceships onto other world’s land? We are here to help. Seeing for the in-depth stories or recent news about technology, science, and exploration? We have got those, as well. And it seems that, people have seen this. Almost 7 of digital properties by NASA have been nominated for the Webby Awards 2019, which admires excellence in digital communications. And 3 others have been devoted honorees in 2019 awards.

“We are really happy to have all of these efforts admired,” claimed associate administrator for communications at NASA, Bettina Inclán, to the media in an interview. “They represent number of people all over NASA who are pledged to bringing the enthusiasm of exploration to everybody.”

The social media group for InSight Mars Lander of NASA, chosen in the Education & Discovery section, assisted to make the #MarsLanding hashtag the leading trending topic all over the world on Twitter on November 26, 2018, the landing day of the spacecraft. That day was also the Monday after Thanksgiving Day, Cyber Monday, in the United States, reputed to be the busiest day for online shopping and #MarsLanding trended even more as compared to the #CyberMonday hashtag.

Speaking of NASA, what the Europa Clipper discovers when it begins revolving around icy moon of Jupiter will be useless to us if it cannot send info back to us. So as to transfer back data from the solar system, the Clipper will be integrated with a HGA (high-gain antenna) that the space organization is presently trialing. NASA is probing a 10-foot-tall full-scale prototype of the HGA at the ETR (Experimental Test Range) at Langley Research Center of NASA.

The Clipper group is evaluating its performance in the controlled environment of the electromagnetic test facility, much like how the team for Mars helicopter employed Space Simulator by JPL to prove their UAV works.

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