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Many EV Charging Stations Have To Be Installed To Boost EV Market, Governor

Governor of California, Jerry Brown has recently passed an order issued by the president, declaring a new Zero-Emission Vehicle Initiative. As per the order, the Governor announced the obligate arrival of minimum 5 Million electric vehicles on the roads of California by the end of the upcoming decade. People will relegate that initiative as one of the extraordinary commendable goals in the records of history that was surpassed by a great margin.

Volvo Group has recently revealed that during the current year all its vehicles will operate through either hybrid or completely electric technology; $11 Billion of huge investment has been announced by Ford in designing and manufacturing electric vehicles; BMW, Volkswagen, GM, and Mercedes have all committed to developing varieties of electric vehicles. Over the next 10 Years, there will be broad and extensive varieties of EVs available in the market.

This new era of electric vehicles will bring a lot of advancements and features incorporations in automobiles similar to the upgradations in the recently launched computers. Hence, the customers will always go with the new and best technology, particularly when the improved technology-based vehicles would be available at lower prices.

The currently assumed hurdle that will significantly restrict the EV market growth is the charging infrastructure for the vehicles. Keeping this in mind, Governor Brown also added a call for installation of minimum 250,000 public EV chargers by the Year 2025. This target is quite hard to achieve. Based on the calculations, 40,000 EV chargers are needed to be installed per year.

According to California’s Department of General Services, an average of 18 months is required to build up the EV charger utility beginning from the process of planning. But San Diego-based Envision Solar claims that it can deploy an EV charger in less than ten minutes.

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