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Huawei To Sell Its 5G Modems Only To Its Rival Apple

For a long period, Huawei has been designing its own high-fueled modems and processors, all to fuel its huge line up of mobile handsets. And till now, the firm has declined to trade any of those to its rivals. The media learned, on the other hand, that the firm may be softening that rule. A source with the knowhow of the matter has verified to the media that the firm is now “open” to trading its 5G Balong 5000 processors, but only to one firm: Apple.

Such an agreement might be strange, to state the least. Chip trades are not precisely Huawei’s forte, and a firm executive claimed in China earlier this year that Huawei “Balong is majorly for supporting smart products of Huawei, such as IoT products and phones, and is presently for firm’s internal employment only.”

For Huawei—a firm that is gunning to turn out to be the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world in 2020—providing 5G to one of its largest rivals as an olive branch is shocking. At this stage, although, it is not clear whether the firms have engaged in any discussions—neither Huawei nor Apple has answered to media questions. The surprising change of heart by Huawei only really matters since Apple seems to be in a difficult phase with Intel, its only modem supplier.

Speaking of Huawei, Internet and telecoms agency’s secretary general of the UN has recommended US worries about 5G networks developed with the help of Huawei tools have more to do with trade and politics, instead of legitimate concerns over security. “There is no evidence till now,” claimed chief of the International Telecommunication Union, Houlin Zhao, to the media regarding claims about the firm’s safety. He claimed that it is in best interests of the telecoms to make certain their framework is safe as they may otherwise feel the rage of authorities.

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