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Game Store By Tencent Available Outside Of China

Just because Tencent has a share in Epic Games does not prevent it from providing its own global game store. The tech behemoth has rolled out a Hong Kong-located WeGame X platform that is available all over the world, comprising in English, via both a dedicated client as well as the web. It will appear familiar if you have employed Steam-akin services or the Epic Games Store, even though it is not about to offer those behemoths much reason to worry in its present state.

WeGame X is presently believed as an Early Access platform. There are just 17 games currently, most of them recognizable to non-Chinese gamers and few of them indies. My Time at Portia is the best-recognized game of the set for the worldwide audience. You may see more well-known titles in the time to come, at least. Tencent is touting support from firms such as No Man’s Sky’s Hello Games, publisher of Yakuza and Metro titles’ Deep Silver, and the Divinity series’ Larian Studios.

Speaking of gaming, Windows 10 game bar is including a meme generator and Spotify to its beta series. If you are logged in to the Xbox Insider Hub (offering you previews of new functions prior to they go public) you can begin playing music while gaming by signing into the Spotify account via widget.

You will also be capable of pausing, playing, and skipping tracks and changing the present playback machine. An additional audio widget indicates you can chance the volume without having to leave your game. Spotify will also gave you playlist suggestions, which will possibly comprise its ultimate gaming mix and leading gaming music. Game bar already allows you screenshot, broadcast, and share images to Twitter. Now it is making things more exciting with new features.

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