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Facebook Needs To Encircle Africa With Undersea Data Cable

The quest by Facebook to link more of Africa might have it virtually surrounding the continent. Media sources claim that Facebook is in discussion to operate Simba (an undersea data cable) that might cover much of Africa. Information is scare, but it may connect to current access points on beaches in nations along the northern, eastern, and western coastlines with the assistance of telecoms such as Vodafone and MTN Group. This might assist enhance authorization to Facebook for most of Africa and may just reduce the data costs of the social network by slashing out in-between firms.

The firm would not directly answer to the expected-for data pipe, but did claimed it “seems worldwide” when aiming for cable routes below water. The media alerted that an agreement was not assured and may fall apart. Facebook is no foreigner to behemoth data cable programs, but they aim to target on links among continents. This might aim on enhancing access within a sole continent, and may be important if Facebook needs to carry on including consumers now that more than 2.3 Billion users are already logged in.

On a related note, last week, Facebook declared that it might prohibit separatism and white nationalism material, apart from the white supremacy material it already bans. Now, the media is getting an idea of which accounts that may comprise. As per media, Facebook will bar Pages, groups, and Instagram accounts related with the Canadian Nationalist Front, Faith Goldy, Wolves of Odin, Soldiers of Odin, the Aryan Strikeforce, and Kevin Goudreau.

Each of the organizations and individuals has shown white nationalist opinions, which as media underlines, breach policy by Facebook on dangerous organizations and individuals. These groups have drawn out the most public protest, but the Canadian Anti-Hate Network’s executive director, Evan Balgord, claimed to the media that they are just one end of the rope and there are various other groups Balgord thinks are breaching policies of Facebook.

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