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Europe Approved Copyright Reforms Likely To Hurt YouTube, FB And Instagram

Marking an end to the political battle, European countries have approved the sweeping reforms on Monday. The battle made technological giants playing off against each other for the high profile users. The copyright directives were voted up by nineteen countries at European Council in which Italy, Netherlands and other four members voted against it and three countries didn’t vote.

Last month, legislation was passed in the EU parliament which focused on upgrading the rules of copyrights to indicate the problem that can arise from the age of information. But, Google and other giants criticized the law as it may result in censorship.

Article 13, which is now renumbered as 17, is one of the most weighted scrutinizing aspects in the EU law which has made tech giants liable for the breaches in the copyrights. More specifically, it stated that the tech giants will need a proper license to host the content for the actual right holders.

However, those who are opposing the law are saying that this filtering system is going to block videos, gifs, memes and other things before they even complete their uploading process. While European government has clarified that’s not how it works and people will able to see everything without any obstacles. In either way, the law is going to hit hard to platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Jean Claude Juncker, President of European Commission said while the voting session that with the following agreement on the law, they made a rule of copyright fit for the digital era. Later she added, to guarantee the deserving amount for the actual creators of the content, Europe is now standing with the fair set of rules.

Speaking in favor of the law, big stars like Debbie Harry and Paul McCartney have characterized the battle of copyrights as ‘Silicon Valley vs. Hollywood’.

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