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Google, Verily To Use AI In Health Care—Report

Google along with its sister concerns along with a portion of Alphabet, the holding company are making a substantial investment in the field of healthcare and Artificial Intelligence. The new move of this technology giant is considered as a natural evolution, more so for the name that has introduced algorithms to revolutionize our lives.

Greg Corrado, a neuroscientist associated with Google stated that the basic underlying technology of AI and machine learning is applicable to every type of task, starting from the ones of our everyday life to the official tasks, and even the duties performed by the doctors and nurses, clinicians as well as patients every day.

Thus, this new move is going to affect the health care industry and will transform the way healthcare industry works. Again, John Moore, who is an industry analyst for Chilmark Research also quipped that the market that constitutes almost 20 % of the US GDP is hard to ignore. That is the reason every software giant like Google, IBM, Apple, Microsoft are toying with the idea of contributing significantly in the health care sector.

They are planning to introduce surgical robots, new technology for pathological evaluation of critical samples and state of the art techniques for solving newer health related problems.  In short, they are planning to merge AI with medical science and technology.

In fact, experts are of the opinion that AI in the medical field is an advanced form of surgical robotics, pacemakers, and implantable defibrillators and so on. Jessica Mega, the chief scientific and medical officer and a cardiologist of Verily are of the opinion that people are already a bit accustomed with AI in medical science.

Other AI companies who are specialized in other sectors of AI are keen to set their feet in various areas of AI, depending upon their expertise and niche.

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