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Domino’s All Set To Expand To 25000 Stores By 2025

Domino’s Pizza is looking to deepen its footprint by expanding to 25,000 stores globally with the aim of achieving its prime objectives and also to increase its share in the market, said CEO Ritch Allison on Wednesday.

That would mean almost 10,000 more outlets, apart from the existing pizza locations covering nearly 90 markets. The franchise is just one position below the top, in the list of largest pizza chains of the world.

Allison says this strategy of fortressing their markets will get the brand closer to customers thereby improving service, reduces delivery costs and technically drivers will earn more since they can deliver more.

While brands such as Starbucks, McDonald’s and Chipotle have partnered with external delivery agents like Uber Eats or DoorDash, to expand their customer reach, Domino’s will not be outsourcing their delivery services.

After investing in digital services, the company wants to part neither with their margins nor with the data collected through the loyalty program from over 20 million customers. Improved technology has helped the company gain increased repeat customers as well as identifies other pizzeria choices made by their members.

In Q1 2019, the stock shot up when the company reflected earnings more than the estimate. The sales growth for each store too was a good 3.9%, higher than what investors expected.

On envisioning his pizza empire, Allison said Domino’s should offer consistent customer service along with cheap delivery costs. The goal will be to bring a drive of 9 minutes down to a mere 5-6 minutes, essentially implying that a pie would be delivered within 25 minutes of ordering. He thinks reducing proximity between customers and their outlets will aid in accomplishing their objectives and even protect them from the new emerging competitors.

Domino’s Pizza shares closed with a 5% growth, which is higher than 22% since the last 12 months.

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