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Black Kids To Benefit From Medicaid Expansion

According to a study conducted by researchers, expansion of Medicaid program in the US will regulate premature birth of Black kids. The latest study revealed that due to premature birth and low weight infants are more vulnerable to death. Back in 2013, the healthcare industry of the US reported that 36% of infants had died due to premature birth.

A new survey has also confirmed that black children are more prone to premature birth and low weight in comparison to white children. During a press conference, Professor J. Mick Tilford stated that the present survey report is a vindication that only the white population of America has got the benefits of Medicaid. He further said that based on the findings policymakers should consider whether the Medicaid is beneficial for the whole population of America or not.

In the US, citizens can easily obtain Medicaid based on disability, income, family status, size of the household, etc. At present, the ACA has made some formulation in the policy due to which people can only obtain the policy if they have an annual household income below the poverty line which was decided by Federal law and enforcement.

During the press event, Brown said that at present it is mandatory for the American lawmakers to focus on women who are below the poverty line. According to another study, people of the US have found that due to the expansion of Medicaid the population has registered a low death rate during 2010-16.

While making a press statement, Kramer appreciated the study and stated that due to medical facilities the discrimination between black and white can be regulated in America. He further stated that due to an increase in health care facilities in the US pregnant woman may be able to get high benefits. He also said that it is very essential that researchers should continue to analyze the effects of Medical facilities on the US population.

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