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NASA Policies On Planetary Protection To Be Reviewed

NASA is planning to develop an independent body which will look into its planetary protection policies. The committee is supposed to keep in mind the current developments which took place on the commercial spaceflight and also in the area of human space exploration.

On 23rd April, NASA informed that the body they are going to create will be named as Planetary Protection Review Board. The committee will be responsible to provide updates related to the regulations which exist at present. The prime intention of the committee will be to put stop to the contamination of potential space worlds of NASA. It will also look into pollution created on earth by any form of life which may exist in these worlds.

According to Thomas Zurbuchen, who is the associate administrator for science at NASA, it is high time that they review the existing planetary policies which were framed to protect the space and earth. The policies were made almost an era back and the revised policies should reflect the present and future approaches of exploration of space.

Alan Stern will be the chairman of the independent committee. He has been the main investigator of the New Horizons mission. This is the one which flew near to Pluto and Kuiper Belt Object 2014 MU69. He also offers commercial advice as a chairman and member of the board of Commercial Spaceflight Federation.

He informed the media that the committee will be helping to get a compact partnership of both public and private sectors in the area of commercial and civil space exploration. The committee will ensure that during the space explorations, the environment surrounding the solar system and life of the planet earth are both protected.

The proposal of developing an independent committee came up after NASA advisory council agreed in its December meeting to review the existing planetary protection guidelines.

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