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Fat Cell Likely To Identify Diabetes Risk

Scientists of the University of Melbourne investigated white cells of human from various samples that were donated by volunteers. The samples were collected from white fat tissues of various body parts. The chief function of these white fat cells is storing energy within the fat molecules, known as triglycerides.

There are innumerable regenerative cells in the human body. These cells are known as APCs or called Adipose Progenitor Cells. The APCs mature to form what is known as white fat cells. The latest findings throw light on the distribution of these white fat cells all throughout the human body. Thus, finding out the APC subtype leads to the prediction of how likely is a particular person is to develop Type 2 Diabetes or other metabolic diseases.

In fact, the first APC subtype matures and transforms into fat cells. These cells release a huge amount of fat molecules into the blood. However, the second subtype transforms into cells, which burn energy very quickly. Again, there is a third subtype, which comes up as the more ‘neutral’ of the other two. In addition, this third subtype acts more in the way a typical fat cell should behave.

Of all these three types, some scientists believe that it is the 2nd subtype, which promotes deposition of fat and leads to weight gain. Of the scientists of this school of thought, the most prominent is Prof. Matthew J. Watt, who is the head of Department of Physiology, School of Biometric Sciences of the University of Melbourne.

However, it is still earlier days of study of fat cells and subtypes. More studies have to be conducted on the three APC subtypes to find out newer treatments to address the specific metabolic diseases.

However, even if newer treatments were available and new ways of altering the APCs are found out, people would still need to lead a healthy lifestyle, reduce consumption of food and indulge in more physical activities to curb obesity.

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