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Microsoft Launches A Slew Of Azure Cloud Updates

On Monday, Microsoft unleashed a series of updates to the current lineup of its cloud services, at the beginning of its developer conference ‘Build’, in Seattle.

For instance, users of Microsoft’s hosting service for GitHub code can now use their own login credentials to access Azure’s cloud tools. Simultaneously, GitHub’s enterprise segment will be compatible with Azure’s Active Directory, so that administrators can easily manage employee use of GitHub.

These updates paired with more enhancements could lead to increased adoption of Azure’s public cloud for the purpose of storing data and hosting applications. This is crucial, as Amazon and Google remain strong competitors in the cloud market. By 2018 end, Amazon took 32% of the cloud market, Microsoft got 13.7% and Google had a share of 7.6%.

Microsoft bought GitHub for $7.5 billion last year and could pave the way for Microsoft’s public cloud service. As the two companies collaborate more for work, Microsoft will promote Azure to GitHub’s community.

Microsoft said on Monday, that it would release an Azure tool for SQL Database which could compute in a ‘serverless’ environment. Developers will no longer have to set up resources and manage them for databases. Google and Amazon have already launched similar serverless technologies.

For nearly 2 years, along with its partners Microsoft has worked to have companies buy Azure, benefiting Microsoft as well as its partners. Their co-selling initiative has resulted in $5 billion worth annual contract with partners, in the last year.

Microsoft will now expand this program to Microsoft 365 – their bundled product of Office 365, software for Enterprise Security & Mobility, and Windows 10 – and to enterprise software’s Dynamics suite which includes the company’s cloud-based application for sales management which competes with the core Sales Cloud of Salesforce.

While Amazon had revenues of $7.7 billion from AWS in Q1, Microsoft’s estimated revenue from Azure was around $3.6 billion.

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