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Amazon’s Alexa Gives False Sense Of Privacy

Amazon can know what you say to Alexa. There is no need for it to listen to your voice recording; it just simply can read the text to know you voice recordings.

Once Alexa listens to the word that wakes it up which varies from Echo – Alexa – computer, then the assistant listens and transcribes everything that it hears. This is the reason why when Alexa’s dialogue history is checked, you could see its text beside its recordings. Amazon allows you to delete the voice recordings providing you a false illusion of privacy. However, the company has your data not in the form of a sound bite. It retains the text of transcribed audio on the servers of its clouds without an option of deleting them.

Amazon said that it erases the transcriptions from the system of Alexa, but it is also working on getting it removed from areas where data can be saved. The spokesperson of the company said that when a customer is deleting a voice recording, we delete the text transcription of that recording from our system of Alexa and other subsystems. He added that they are working on removing it from remaining subsystems. This new finding is the result of the privacy concerns of people has reached its peak. People are scrutinizing the technology that they are using. They want privacy from technology giants and they are discovering that the alternative that the companies are providing them are not working. Facebook in April admitted that it tracked people even after they deactivated their account.

The former chief information officer of White House Theresa Payton said that delete is never deleting, it means that you just can’t see the information anymore.  A group of public and consumer health advocated has filed a complaint with Federal Trade Commission on Thursday claiming that the edition of Amazon’s Echo Dot Kids is retaining kid’s data after parents delete their voice recordings.

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