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McDonald’s Plans To Adda Meatless Burger

The burger chain, McDonald’s is getting closer to onboard a complete meatless burger bandwagon with a new version in one of the company’s largest international markets.

The company is now selling the Big Vegan TS which is a vegan burger in Germany. Germany is among the five leading international markets. For the burger chain, Nestle is making the meatless patty, which initially commenced the selling of burger late in April. The consumers are looking for ways to eat healthier food and at the same time, they are interested to reduce their environmental footprints and this makes the trend of plant-based protein to grow rapidly. Unlike veggie burgers, which earlier had a mediocre standing, the new proteins are made to appear and taste like meat and to fascinate the meat lovers along with the vegans and vegetarians. All the key food makers and fast-food chains are focusing on the trend and trying to find ways to add meatless proteins to their menus which looks and tastes like meat.

Burger King has tested a meatless burger for the first time. They have created a meatless version of its signature Whopper burger recently in April, and last week, the company has made an announcement that it has plans to roll the sandwich out across the U.S. On the other side, some other chains, including White Castle, Barebuger, Qdoba and others, are having plant-based items in their menu as well. McDonald’s has been continuous in including meatless options to its menu. Two years back, McDonald’s revealed the launch of a McVegan burger which as per the company will get prepared from a soy patty, in Sweden and Finland. The company has collaborated with a specialty Norwegian food company called Orkla on that previous product. It is still vague whether McDonald’s will reveal its vegan burger in the United States.

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