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More Than 34 Million Users Employ Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV has more than 34 Million active consumers each month, further broadening its lead over rival Roku. Chief of international growth, marketing, and engagement for Fire TV, Jenn Prenner verified the figures in a panel this week on the Pay TV Show. In addition to this, Fire TV has turned out to be the most well-liked streaming player in the UK, the US, India, Germany, and Japan, at least as per Amazon’s figures. It is a huge jump for Fire TV, which earlier in October 2018 declared it had 25 Million active consumers.

For a few years, Roku’s wide selection of applications, easy-to-use interface, and incorporation with popular smart TVs such as Sharp, Phillips, and TCL made it the proffered choice for most users. But Amazon strived to level up, extending its content services and associating with Best Buy to trade house-brand Toshiba and Insignia Fire TVs that operate with Alexa. The 29.1 Million active consumers of Roku is nothing to ignore, although. Previously this month, Roku declared that it was the top-trading smart TV operating system in the US.

On a related note, Amazon and Google have not historically been the best of buddies, at least when the question comes to their personal streaming video platforms. The Prime Video app by Amazon has not operated with Android TV devices or Google’s Chromecast, while YouTube was removed from Amazon’s Fire TV a few years ago.

Well, there is good news for admirers of both ecosystems: the Amazon-Google Cold War is to end. YouTube will be accessible on Fire TV machines in the months to come, and Amazon Prime video will operate with Android TV devices and Chromecast too. A spokesperson of Google claimed to the media that the main app for YouTube is arriving first, but YouTube Kids and YouTube TV will follow afterwards.

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